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  1. 1. Respect. Each and every member is expected to be respectful of all other members race, gender, religion and beliefs. 2. This club is specifically about eging, and all the associated gear related to squid fishing only. There are a plethora of other different fishing sites to talk general fishing topics-try to keep this one for eging. 3. Please use your real name, or part there-of, as your member name. The aim of this is to give the site a personal feel,and also it will be easier to relate at club social events and competitions by your real title. DO NOT impersonate someone else when joining as a member,it will result in an instant ban. Remember-identity theft is an offence. 4. No age restrictions - but if someone is under the age of 18 and they want to join they must have consent from their parent/guardian. 5. No coarse words or swearing on the site please. As membership to the club is open to all ages, we would appreciate it if everyone doesn't swear. 6. Be tolerant of the ideas and thoughts of other members, use the club as a constant learning tool. No matter what level of knowledge you have of eging, please share your wisdom and thoughts so as we can all learn. 7. There is a three warning system in effect before a ban period will be applied for a member. The ban period will be decided upon by the administrators of the club as a collective. There will be no right to lodge an appeal over a ban- If three warnings aren't enough of a detterent, then this club probably isn't the place for you. Banning - 1st Offense - A polite Private Message from a Moderator pointing out the Forum Rules, in addition to the editing or deletion of the post . 2nd Offense - Public warning on the message board plus deletion of post. 3rd Offense - Moderators will discuss and possibly delete the user from the Brisbane Egi Club and forum. 8. Please try and put something back into the club - can be assisting new members, sharing tips and techniques, or just helping out with one off the clubs events. 9. Do NOT make threats or implied threats towards other members -- even if you think it's fun. Any reports of this behaviour will be reviewed carefully by the administration. 10.Enjoy the club and have fun! This club is about like minded people having somewhere to interact and identify with one another. If you have the eging bug, this is the place for you!!