When to go Eging????

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When to go Eging????

Post  pamtayls on Mon May 13, 2013 7:06 am

Hi All,

what factors determine a good squidding time? The comps are when they are for some reason?
So if I wanted to go out at a time that wasn't a comp night what do I need to look for in as far as tides, times and so forth


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Re: When to go Eging????

Post  Robbie on Mon May 13, 2013 8:50 am

OK good question Taylor.

Firstly the comps are based purely on high tides that are big (2m plus) and fall on a weekend night.

Now if you want to go squidding here's what I go for:


Some spots you can only fish at high tide simply because there is no water at low or lower tides. Manly is one of these spots.

I have an idea that has been confirmed a couple of times that areas like harbors and canals are better at low tide. My thoughts are that there is less (but at least a foot) water and as you can see the bottom its easier to spot squid.


The two hours either side of high or low tide is the best time according to some of the yamashita presentations and brochures. But I find an outgoing tide much better as the water is clearer so either after high tide or before low tide.


Right I usually don't mind moon phase too much but I do find that during a new moon the squid will spook to light more easily and in full moons they tend to not care about the torch to much. There is always exceptions tho.


When a wind is blowing towards the shore the water will be dirty. This is why we held the comp at Vicky Point last Saturday and the water was clearer than Manly would have been.

Ok I think thats all from me. Make any sense? I should note that my general rule is I go squidding when ever I can and dont care too much about the above sometimes.

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