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Post  niels on Sat May 18, 2013 8:49 am

Thanks to Edi I ended up with a dedicated egi rod. And I would like to thank him again, (after cursing him for a good while for showing me his set up). The E-AGS is a superb rod. I have for many years suffered from a "must have" when I see good fishing rods, be it fly, spin and now egi. What they all have in common are that they are working rods, you develop a feel through them, like you can tell when a trout swims right behind your lure and nudges it. The E-AGS is such a rod. It took a few trips, but it is growing better and better with each trip. When casting it loads up a fair way down the blank, a good thing when your jig hits a wobble mid air, which for me means messy braid knots. The finish is so-so compared to similar priced rods. I do like to say I like the wrapped (read not sanded) look. The guides are very light, made of same materials as the blank so should work together better. The E-AGS has won me for sure. Its not a rod for jumping around all night on the rocks,( dont think it will handle a stumple/fall) but if you like to egi, read cast and retrieve jigs then I certainly recommend it.Nt


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