www.scumlinefishingtackle.com or on ebay as eBay M

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www.scumlinefishingtackle.com or on ebay as eBay M

Post  Kieran Moore on Thu Apr 29, 2010 2:37 pm

hi all
just bid for these on ebay
4 for $12.00 and will combine postage etc
Owner is ex shimano/squidgies and have moved locations and started out on his own

good to see an Aussie giving a shot for a change

scumline scented squid jigs size 2.0 pack of 4.

squid jigs have been inpregnated with special fish scent.

Squid find irrisistable..

Colours - orange-pink-chartreuse-multi

Ultra fine, sharp, stainless hook, quality finish.

www.scumlinefishingtackle.com pic and prices to come soon
or ebay at eBay My World: scumlineti( 208)

Kieran Moore

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