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Post  Dale on Mon Sep 13, 2010 3:55 pm

Spooled with 30lb Sun line Super PE and 20lb Black Magic Flourocarbon joined with a Slim Beauty casting a 3/8oz plug. I had the reel on a Megabass Arms A6604 Bronx. I used this to teach a few people how to cast a baitcaster and some others on the benefits and technique of a pitch cast. Some punters had not cast a baitcaster before. By playing with the cast control switch it was possible for everyone to avoid a backlash. The cast control is that good. It is a heavy reel, and probably not suited to a light bass rod, but for a heavier outfit the balance is perfect. During one casting demo, I was casting at a garden tap from 15 metres. One of the observers offered a $100 donation to the stocking group if I could turn the tap on. On the second attempt I was able to wrap the line once around the the tap handle and give a squirt of water. I'm still waiting for his cheque... It was possible to pitch cast this outfit in excess of 45 metres with accuracy. I can confidently advise that this is the best casting baitcaster I have ever used. I was switching between this reel and a Megabass Grigio Titanio and the I'ze monobloc. The Z2020 was easier to control and cast further. The rod it was fitted to is pretty bloody awesome too. When people asked the price they were a bit put off at the $750ish tag but I explained that they can go to BCF and buy a $120 reel, and try to cast and get frustrated and throw it away. Then they'll think it was the cheap reel, so they'll buy a $250 reel and get the hang of it. Then they'll upgrade to a Zillion or Chronarch for around $350, so they've spent $720 anyway. Better to just spend the $750 straight up and have the best. Can't wait to get this reel to PNG next month. Top marks to Daiwa on this reel.

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