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Post  kaspar1501 on Fri Jul 08, 2011 6:38 pm

on a recent trips fishing for squid they have been quite shy and scared of the jigs in the shallows i watched them feed on little white bait and threw out a jigs which bes resembled these white bait but they were still afraid to touch the jig. The water was a fairly clear and the sun was quite high this may have made them shy. Eventualy i cracked it i sort of found the right jig and the right technique. I firstly step back so i can still see the squid school with out them seeing me then i rig up a 1.8-2.2 or smaller clear bodied jig with colours that resemble the bait the squid are eating and cast it beyond the school and let it sink to the bottom depending on the structure at the bottom, then slowly bring it towards the school when it get close like 2 metres away i let it sink to the bottom then i will gust lightly twick the rod so the jig slightly lifts and sinks back to the bottom, the school may spook but let the jig gust sit there till they start to aproach it then another little twich this should either scare them or fire them up but just let the jig sit at the bottom and repeat the procces but every time you twich the rod wait for the squid to re-aproach it until a squid fires up and hits it. I've tried this technique about 7 times and it has worked 4 out of the 7 the other 3 did not work due to the squid school getting spooked and just disapearing.
i hope you guys find this tip help full

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