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gold coast fishing charter

Post  kaspar1501 on Tue Sep 27, 2011 2:45 pm

I was thinking for an off season event i could organise a fishing charter with my boss Mikey from paradise fishing charters opperating from the gold coast to go on a full day trip out to the 50's reefs chasing what ever is out there. At the moment there are some big mahi mahi moving in as well as many tuna and a few kingfish, snapper and pearl perch. I am looking at taking between 10-8 of the members from the club, i can get special prices around $180-$150 for a nine hour trip in this trip we can do what every we want we can go early to target squid and cuttlefish on the shallower reefs or jigging on the outter reefs i am open to suggestions. The event will have to be on a weekend due to it being easier for more people to come from the club and participate. The website for the charter is listed below
To organise this i will talk to my skipper and see what the best time to go out is. People who are interested should list their name bellow and their contact number i.e. (home phone/mobile). From then we will organise a date and a meet up time for the charter and i will see what my skipper can do from then on.
My contact number is 0427842891
Thanks lads

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