Forth Round Redcliffe Report

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Forth Round Redcliffe Report

Post  Partizan Fk on Thu Aug 23, 2012 5:39 pm

Guys what can i say fishing was never meant to be easy.Id like all member's to join me in congratulating Aaron in taking out the Redcliffe round.I think everyone would agree that the round was tough,but fun.The winds for the night were not to favor making Woody Point the only place to fish.Water clarity in some parts of WP were clear with loads of bait fish but squid numbers were down or they were holding deeper.
Arron took out both the first place and biggest squid 20cm 458g and another at 17cm and 298g.His win has now opened up the competion and is surely going to heat things up in the coming months.
Guys this couldn't have happened without the help of our sponsors Young Peter at Fish on Pro,Tackle World Sandgate,and the minor sponsors EJ Todd,Shimano,Pure Fishing,Gancraft,Diawa,Megabass,
Without these guys we wouldn't have anything to use in this country.The generosity of Fish On Pro thanks again.
Please support our guys and help make this sport grow.
Partizan Fk

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Re: Forth Round Redcliffe Report

Post  GRAHAME on Thu Aug 23, 2012 11:29 pm

congrats aaron

it was an interesting night, that's for sure and again appologies for not staying for the last hour but it's a bugger getting up at 5am to go to work on a saturday.

there must have been something in the air up there......while we were breaking into cars for all the right reasons, someone (read that as piece of 5h!t) buggered the lock on my fuel tank trying to get into it....epic fail on their part....dumbass Evil or Very Mad

but all in all a fun night with a few laughs


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